A workshop with Maya Macdonald

The opportunity to work with playwright Maya Macdonald is wonderful for us. Her work is startling, rich, upsetting, and overwhelmingly funny.

As a playwright, much of your work is done alone in a room by yourself, until you can get your piece to the point where it begins to interact with your performers. This workshop is built around letting Maya hear her words in a real space with real people and as a tool toward the further development of her play.

Maya will be in the space with the actors at the end of July, and we’d like to invite you to see what they’re working on on August 1st. It should be an interesting window into the process of how a play is developed, and a unique chance to see one of Maya’s plays before anyone else has.

More information will be coming soon, but save August 1st in your calendar, at The Playroom Theater! And learn more about Maya on her website!