A New Adventure for us.

Well hello! We are the Rogue Players!

That moment was very exciting for us. We’ve actually been moving closer toward a theatre company of our own for a few years now, and the memory of many late night post-show discussions with actor friends while waiting has made this extra special.

Max is an actor and writer, Krista is a dancer and choreographer. Between us we’ve directed, stage managed, run meetings, taught, performed, self-produced, and organized, and that range is fairly normal for a performer today. Working as an artist in New York brings you into contact with so many brilliant fellow-artists and wonderful people finding creative ways to exist, and to expand their artistic practice. We hope to build a supportive community and a creative home together.

Well, we’ve formally introduced ourselves and we hope to see more of you. If you’re interested in receiving occasional news about upcoming events and performances, (and a neat thing is coming up- more information soon!) signing up on our mailing list is a great way to keep in touch. And if you’re an actor, writer, director, performer, interested in being part of the company, or just in gathering more information about our meetings, drop us a line on the contact page as well, or check out our facebook page. We value and hope to support voices and perspectives from the full range of artists in our city, so please reach out and add yours!




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