Company Meetings

Our company meetings are a vital, and possibly primary, reason for the Rogues to exist. We’d like to build a support network and community among artists, and a place to polish our practice. Meetings are not mandatory, but we hope they can be a useful resource. What can you do in a meeting?

  • Present a scene or monologue for feedback from peers
  • Propose a show or spot in a showcase
  • Share acting resources or outside projects you’re working on
  • Occasionally hear guest speakers
  • Acting exercises, experiments, and readings
  • Build a community and creative home

Announcements, feedback, and requests! Bring anything you would like to work on, any future project you’d like to pitch, and/or resources to help your fellow artists. Also bring your friends!
There is no attendance fee. The location is variable, so please drop us a line at and we will send an exact address, time, and other details. We value and hope to support voices and perspectives from the full range of artists in our city, so please reach out and add yours!

Process in Progress

Writing can be isolating, and it can be useful for a playwright to hear their work spoken by live actors, with live people hearing it, in order to inform their writing process. Ranging in scale from a more formal reading to an informal feedback discussion, with stops and starts as scenes are read and discussed, the format of a specific workshop is based around what would be most helpful for the playwright.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

A lecture series from experts in scientific, historic, or other fields of study, all of whom have backgrounds in the arts. Come spend an evening sipping refreshments, exercising your intellectual curiosity, and appreciating the value of arts education.

Variety Night

Variety night is an artists’ showcase from our members, encompassing theater, music, dancing, and other varied disciplines.