About The Rogues

We are a New York city based theatre company, a group of performers building a community together.  In our meetings, members have the opportunity to develop their practice, receive feedback from their peers, propose projects, share resources, and create a network of support for each other.
We value diversity and equity across all platforms, and we hope to reflect that in our essential structure as well as our casting and our programming.  In addition to classics, we seek out original, un-produced and under-produced work, especially by writers with traditionally underrepresented voices.
Our meetings, although encouraged, are not mandatory. For more information about becoming part of our group, drop us a line on our contact page or email us at rogueplayersnyc@gmail.com.
You can also find more information about the people we work with and some of the projects we do.

A note:

We hope to be a supportive network and community. Everyone is welcome. If your behavior and actions become damaging or hurtful toward other member of our community, and/or to oppressed communities in the wider world, our policy will first be to address this in a private conversation. We thank you for being open to having these difficult conversations, from a place of respect and listening, in the hope of reaching a better understanding. If the damaging behavior continues, we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw, for the health of the community.
We recognize that this is a very simple sounding policy, and will no doubt continue to evolve. Thank you for helping us to build strategies to protect our community, and interrupt damaging structures.

We will never ask our artists to work for free. All projects will be compensated in some way. If you are interested in pitching a show, or performing in Variety Night, there will be opportunities at the weekly meetings, or email us at rogueplayersnyc@gmail.com !