Revels prizes- for your Brain!

It’s time to start sharing some of the silent auction prizes you could win at the Second Annual Rogue Revels- the first is a gift certificate to the Brooklyn Brainery!


I’ve loved the Brooklyn Brainery for years now. They teach, at amazing prices, unusual and exciting classes on the widest range of subjects. I’ve personally taken classes on ice cream, pre-code film, and hand-spinning wool, but I remember bookmarking ones on beekeeping, ancient history, tree identification, the great 20th century food battle, cloud study- I could go on. They’re a wonderful place for curious people, they have their own cat rescue, and are just a lovely and supportive New York company.

Come to our party on December 10th and win this prize!

Join us at The Second Annual Rogue Revels!

Dec. 10th, 7:30pm
The Playroom Theater,
151 W. 46th st., 8th floor

Accessibility note: Although the space is accessible by elevator, the bathroom stall doors are narrower than the allowance for a standard wheelchair, at 20″ wide.