The Silver Screen

Here’s a lovely prize that you might win at our party on the 19th. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has contributed a date night package, complete with two tickets and vouchers for $30 worth of food and beverages.


If you’ve never been there, you’ve missed some dine-in cinema by people who are passionate about movies. They have special menu items inspired by films, an eclectic lineup, and a cozy and quiet atmosphere.

So come to The First Annual Rogue Revels for a chance at this one- and then take a date to the Spiderverse, take your best friend to the Favorite, spend a day at the Ida Lupino festival, or drink a Mary Poppins milkshake at the Wallace and Grommit screening. Up to you.


Join us!

The First Annual Rogue Revels
Wednesday, December 19th, 7pm
The Playroom Theater
151 W. 46th st, 8th floor