An interview with the director of Sol Town

The Rogue Players recently sat down with director V Greene for a short interview. Come see the staged reading of Sol Town on October 18th to see what V and our other talented artists have been working on!
Rogue Players: Tell us a character description for your real-life self.
V Greene: I’ve described myself as an angry queer, and a crab.
RP: How different is it to work with a living author in the room?
VG: Working with a playwright is always a scary and thrilling tightrope to walk along. How do you honor the piece, while also encouraging it to reach new places they might not have ever considered?
RP: Tell us about finding actors to embody the personalities and families of Sol Town. And do they ever drive a character or a scene in an unexpected direction?
VG: The best thing about this cast is that there are so many folks who we just wanted to work with. I knew that they would be right, but it’s always different from what you might have expected.
RP: What kinds of projects are you most drawn to direct?
VG: Tangled.
RP: Name one piece of theater, art, or literature that has shaped your eye as a director.
VG: Eroticism, pg. 61, A Director Prepares by Anne Bogart
RP: If I was on a subway platform, and you’re on a train actually running correctly, and I asked you about Sol Town, what would you tell me before the doors closed?
VG: Keep your stories safe.
RP: What’s your website, or twitter, or instagram, or facebook, or best way for people to follow your work?
-Instagram: @vtgreenedirector